MonoRail’s 3 goal is based on our experience and viagra 50mg tablet cost perception of the “state of the union” and trends. If we could put them in three simple statements:

  • We are mentally tired of crafting web sites despite huge functionality overlaps (


  • We are tired of REST being an afterthought to levitra canada prescription existing websites (rest support from the beginning).
  • We tired of frameworks created by people without *actual* website building experience (frictionless).

The goals/roadmap/value-proposition were discussed in the past in our development list.

  • Since our underlying runtime (CLR) is keen on static typing then fully embrace it
  • Move forward: embrace HTML 5
  • Simplify special render for different form factors
  • Strive for simplicity, but no simpler

Check out Hammett’s blog for the latest news about the ongoing development