Open source project is look here made of contributions. Anyone can get involved by submitting patches to the code, documentation or anything else. Reporting bugs and cialis fast delivery usa explaining with a good level of detail how to buy cheap viagra online now uk reproduce it is extremely important.

If you not familiar with patches, see How to submit a fix or a new feature article.

Just like The Apache Software Foundation, we are also under the philosophy of online medicines rx cialis viagra order Meritocracy:

The roles and responsibilities that people can assume in the project are
based on merit. Everybody can help no matter what their role. Those who
have been long term or valuable contributors to the project obtain the
right to vote and commit directly to the source repository.

After a demonstration of commitment, good technical skills and more important
good judgment, you may be invited to join the levitra price project as a committer.
This happens after someone at the PMC proposes your name and a vote is started.
After the majority of PMC member cast their votes and there are no vetoes,
an invitation is sent.

There are no recipes to join the project. Just subscribe to the mailing list
and participate with opinions, patches and reviews.


Castle development discussion takes place on the devel mailing list.
You do not need to i use it subscribe to the list just to submit a patch or two,
but if you want to be involved with Castle development on a regular basis,
you should probably subscribe. It is high-traffic, but threading tends to be
fairly disciplined, so you can ignore conversations you are not interested in.