Main Projects

These tools and frameworks are developed by the Castle community and their code is hosted on Github.

  • Windsor Castle Windsor is a best of breed, mature Inversion of Control container available for .NET and Silverlight.
  • DynamicProxy Castle DynamicProxy is a library for generating lightweight .NET proxies on the fly at runtime.
  • MonoRail Castle MonoRail is a modern web framework for the challenges of moderns websites and APIs.

Other Projects

These are auxiliary tools and components that are commonly need by developers.

  • Core
  • DictionaryAdapter provides on the fly generation of strongly typed wrappers around untyped dictionaries, or chunks of XML (like config file).
  • Logging provides an abstraction to the logging API of choice.
  • NVelocity is a port of the excellent Apache Jakarta Velocity project.
  • Transaction provides easy automatic transaction management.

Archived Projects

Castle has been creating software since the community began in 2004, although some of those projects are no longer being worked on.