Castle Project is reasonably well documented. If you’ve got questions or problems. Look at the documentation first. Chances are, you’ll find your answers there.

Where do I ask questions about specific problems?

If you want to ask a specific “how do I” question use:

Choosing one or the other is a matter of personal preference. Both are monitored by Castle experts (including committers). When asking the question on StackOverflow make sure to tag it appropriately (castle-windsor, castle-dynamicproxy, castle-monorail, etc).

If you’ve got a more open-ended, architectural question it’s best to use the mailing list, since StackOverflow’s policy doesn’t allow those sort of questions.

We have another mailing list specifically for discussions about new features, new platforms, and anything related to development of Castle Project, rather than its usage. Defects should be logged in the issue tracker of that project: