Castle Windsor 3.4.0 release is out. It has been a long time since the last Windsor release so this release provides a rollup of several fixes:

  • Fix case sensitivity issue that can cause UsingFactoryMethod to fail (@dohansen, #116)
  • Fix project and icon URLs in NuGet packages
  • Add PDB source indexing (@ivan-danilov, #137)
  • Fix unit test with weak reference broken by garbage collector changes in .NET 4.6.x (@ivan-danilov, #138)
  • Fix performance counter instances hanging around after the process using Windsor has ended (@mackenzieajudd, #146, #149)
  • Fix version of Castle.Core dependency in NuGet packages to indicate Castle.Core 4.0 is incompatible (#161)

Thanks to everyone who contributed documentation changes since the last release and also those that fixed the defects above. See GitHub for full details.